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Preparing to Move House: The Checklist

Moving home, despite being one of the most stressful events in life, often coincides with another life-changing event like a new job or a growing family.

Having access to a household and personal self storage unit can make preparing to move house much easier for students, couples and families alike.

This week, we’re sharing our expert checklist to help ensure your next move goes without a hitch.


1. Confirm Your Moving Date

Set the date and you can then make arrangements for removal and transport and any necessary childcare well in advance of moving day. Once you have a date to work with, you can work backwards to schedule tasks that can be ticked off in advance. If you will require accommodation during the changeover period, be sure to book early to keep costs low and reserve a household and personal self storage unit for your belongings.


2. Create A Packing Calendar

Packing needn’t be a last-minute panic. Most reputable household and personal self storage providers will stock packaging materials on-site or you can save time by ordering packaging supplies online . By identifying occasional use and seasonal items it’s possible to start packing 6 weeks or more in advance. For example, winter woollies and Christmas decorations can be boxed up straight away and transferred to a personal storage unit. Assign items a packing date by their frequency of use so that come moving day, the last things to go in are your toothbrush and pyjamas!


3. Stage A Clutter-cull

Don’t give yourself any extra work. Take some time to go through each room in your home and throw out, recycle or donate unwanted items to charity. This will save time on moving day and frustration when unpacking boxes at the other end!


4. Notify Your Need-to-knows

These could include your bank or building society, insurance company, internet provider, doctor and dentist and children’s school. Let important people and companies know your change of address in good time or for local services, notify them that you will be leaving the area. This is a good time to check with your home insurance company if your contents will be covered for accidental damage during the move itself.


5. Sign Up For A Mail Redirection Service

Try as you might, there will always be someone or somewhere that you’ve forgotten to give your new address. There is a small fee but using a mail redirection service gives you peace of mind that important post and confidential letters will reach your new home.


6. Pack Your Moving Day Must-haves

The big day will be hectic enough without running out of milk or tea bags. Prepare your survival supplies beforehand and make sure you include tea, coffee, milk, a kettle, mugs, cutlery, paper plates, soap, toilet roll, basic cleaning products, your phone charger, a pen, a little cash and of course – the radio! Having these essentials to hand can really take the edge off moving day, even if it’s only for 5 minutes!


Planning your next house move? Take the pressure off on moving day by packing and storing the contents of your home at your own pace. Get in touch with our storage experts today for the best deal on our household and personal self storage units.


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