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Minimalist or Maximalist?

So what’s the difference? One is more or less the opposite of the other.  On the surface, you’d think that minimalists might just prefer to keep a zero clutter house – or office – and this applies equally to home offices and shared workspaces. But many of us are now opting for a less consumerist approach to life, and prefer to own fewer ‘things’ and have less ‘stuff’ in our lives. We’ve surely got enough stuff, right? 

Aesthetic and Personality

However you identify, one thing is clear – you are very firmly one or the other, and it’s a reflection of our personalities and personal style. Minimalists might just prefer the aesthetic of a minimalist home with fewer dust-gathering bits of furniture and some key pieces of statement furniture or objets d’art here and there, while maximalists are happiest when surrounded by comfy scatter cushions and children’s artwork on the fridge, set against the backdrop of an eclectic mix of rugs, throws and coffee table books.

Whether we live alone, with a partner and children, or share with a group,  all these factors can contribute to what our home looks like and how it functions.

Minimalists and Storage

Minimalists embrace clever storage. It doesn’t mean they don’t have things; it just means they are organised and put away so that they are not constantly accessible and seen. They prefer clean lines and neutral colours and pattern.

Maximalists and Comfort

Comfort is key in the maximalist style and allows for objects of convenience and practicality to be easily accessible and ever present. It is also ever changing and while it can be highly styled, a maximalist room can be dynamic and flexible. Maximalist style embraces colour, texture and pattern, and rather than hiding possessions away, they’re proudly on show, and there to be touched and used.

Can You Mix Both?

These – on first glance, polarised –  extremes can rub along quite nicely together though. One partner might lean towards minimalism which is at odds with their maximalist partner’s style preference and it is possible to reach a compromise – even in the same home. There are solutions – and one solution is self storage. And that’s where we come in. If you need or want to ‘minimalise’ your home a bit, we have some great value, flexible self-storage options. We’d love to help. Give us a call on 0131 337 7277 today for a quote.


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