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De-Clutter With Self Storage

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How to de clutter and make your rooms look more spacious.

Fed up of tripping over the many chair legs and “Objets d′art” that clutter your house?   Here are some handy ways to de-clutter, making your house look bigger not to mention easier to live in!

  • Many sofas and chairs in a room are not only irritating, but it also can make a room look cramped and small.
  • Mirrors can help to make a room look bigger.  They reflect light and therefore give the impression of a bigger room: they work most effectively placed near the windows so light bounces deep into the room and opens it up.
  • Choose your furniture carefully.  Not only should it be kept to a minimum, but it also should also not be too tall.  Tall furniture decreases the gap between the furniture and ceiling and creates the impression of a small room.
  • Use multi-purpose furniture such as chest of drawers or extendible tables.  Beds with drawers in the base for storage are also excellent for keeping your room tidy and un-cluttered.
  • Placing your furniture at an angle is also good for a small room.  This is because the eye naturally looks along the bigger angle (the diagonal of the furniture) rather than the small straight angle of the wall, thus giving the illusion of a bigger room.
  • Lighting is also a key element to creating a bigger looking room.  By keeping a room light and airy it gives the illusion of space: dark and cluttered areas bring the walls in closer so to speak.  However, if the view from your window is questionable, it can be made to look nicer by using potted plants by the window sill.
  • Avoid covering your walls with lots of pictures.  Again, this goes hand in hand with clutter: clear walls open up a room.  One large picture works better than lots of small ones cluttering a wall, much like two large sofas looks better than 4 or 5 small ones.
  • Make a focal point of your room.  In the dining room, it will probably be the table.  In the bedroom it would be the bed.  All other furniture should be “accessories” to the main focal point.
  • A clean floor is also very important to a spacious room.  Avoid using large rugs; smaller rugs will create the illusion of more floor space.
  • A clutter-free living space not only makes the day to day logistics of navigating your home, and life in general, it means less cleaning and dusting (a win-win situation if ever there was one!)
  • These tips are helpful if you want to create space within your home to reduce the stress levels encountered in daily life: being able to find things easily, being able to get ready for work in the morning without tripping over the clutter, and coming home to a clear space of an evening.

These pointers do raise the question of “where do I put everything?” What happens if you have a family gathering, Christmas dinner for example? Extra seating is needed to accommodate all your guests but if there has been a de-clutter spree and you now live in a minimal environment.  The answer is simple – self storage.  By renting a room at your local self storage facility you can enjoy the benefit of having a minimalistic, clutter-free home, whilst still having the freedom to collect the extra seats you have stored, should your social life deem it necessary.



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