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Back to Basics with Edinburgh Self Storage

This month at Edinburgh Self Storage, we’re going back to basics with a look at the birth and growth of self storage facilities in the UK.  

The UK is home to over 1,500 self storage facilities. To put that into context, there are more self storage sites in the UK than there are McDonalds. But self storage didn’t arrive in the UK until the early 1980s, having first appeared in the USA in about 1960.  It’s been a booming industry since its early days, and today there are more than 1500 facilities across the country, providing roughly 44.6 million square feet of rentable space. 

Edinburgh Self Storage – the local flexible solution to your storage needs.

There are a number of reasons why both consumers and businesses are increasingly turning to self storage, but the main reasons are still for lifestyle and social reasons such as moving home, marriage, divorce and retirement. 

The term ‘self storage’ means different things to different people. To some, it represents a dumping ground for forgotten belongings, to others, it acts as a lifeline during periods of transition. 

There’s no denying that we all love to shop. From toys and clothes to furniture and electronics, we’ve got, by weight six times as much stuff as the previous generation. 

Whether you’re a collector, a minimalist, or somewhere in between, self storage is there for you during periods of transition. What do you do with your things when you want to move house, redecorate or make room for a new or visiting family member? Introducing your “new spare room”: a self storage unit.

Build your business with Edinburgh Self Storage

And self storage isn’t just for the consumer. From online retailers to SMEs, over a third of the self storage space in the UK is used by businesses in some capacity – according to the UK Self Storage Association that’s a whopping 150,000 business customers. 

Look behind the doors of any self storage unit, and you’re likely to find a budding entrepreneur, busily building their business empire, either as a side hustle or a change of career. For businesses, self storage is a cost-effective, flexible option for things like storing archive documents, storing stock or office equipment. 

If you’re bursting at the seams or have dreams of running your own business, Edinburgh Self Storage is the place to start.

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Here at Edinburgh Self Storage, we provide the most competitive self storage facilities in Edinburgh and would always prefer you to store your item with us than anywhere else. We offer up to 50% off self storage when you reserve in advance, so it’s worth getting your self storage booked to take advantage of this saving! We regularly check our prices to ensure we are providing storage solutions for our customers that offer the best value for money. We offer the best price for comparable self storage in Edinburgh and the Lothians. However, if you do get offered any special deals elsewhere for comparable self storage, let us know and we will always match them*

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