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The cardboard box has been around for more than 100 years and has always come in handy in our day to day lives never mind when you take on the huge task of moving house or storing some of your treasured processions!

It used to be common practice to nip down to the supermarket to pick up some boxes from the end of the checkout desks however this is no longer the case.  It could possibly be a move on the large supermarkets behalf to improve and control their own recycling programmes in store as well as complying with the recycling legislation placed on the supply chain.

Many people are no doubt undertaking their annual spring clean at home and using lots of storage boxes to help organise the chaos that we descend into during such a large cleaning expedition at home!

Cardboard boxes make up a larger percentage of overall packaging than any other material in the UK.  Nearly everything we use and consume in this current climate has been packed in cardboard at some point:  the dinner we eat in a restaurant, the food on our supermarket shelves, to the clothes that we buy on the high street.

It is thought that nearly five billion cardboard boxes are used per year in UK: roughly equivalent to 83 boxes per person per year!  However, it is estimated more than 80% of boxes used in UK are recycled into new boxes.  A great sign showing the UK is embracing the new age of recycling for the good of our planet.

You can also buy cardboard boxes from your local storage centre.  Self storage facilities more often than not, stock a wide range of boxes, which come in all different sizes including cardboard wardrobes so all your clothes don’t have to get crushed in the move!  Not only will you find a variety of boxes but a host of other packaging materials are available to compliment and facilitate your packing mission.  Bubblewrap is used to protect fragile items and unlike packaging paper, doesn’t scratch glass or ceramics.  Packaging Tape to secure your boxes, marker pens to label them, and gloves to save your tired hands when lifting and moving the lovingly packed boxes are amongst the items generally stocked by a reputable self storage centre.
When it comes down to it, cardboard boxes are still very much in use whether you buy them from the internet, storage centre or gain some free from your local supermarket. The old cardboard box will always be around to help us move, tidy up or just organise our lives!

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