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10 Tips for Decluttering This Spring

Declutter with Personal Self Storage

Today, we’re bombarded with ‘life-hacks’ and ‘handy tips’ to help us feel, work and live – better. So, if you’re still battling with a cluttered home, you may well be running out of excuses!

You don’t have to be a minimalist to benefit from a cleaner and clearer living space and if you’re not quite ready to let go, you can always create space by moving seasonal goods and valuables into personal self storage.

Top 10 Ways To Declutter Your Home This Spring

To save you time, stress and floor space we’ve put together our 10 most useful tips for decluttering your home this Spring.

Clear Out Your Medicine Cabinet

It’s important to always be prepared but an overflowing medicine stash can be a huge drain on your cupboard or drawer space. And out of date medicines are no good to anyone! Go through all of your medicines and throw away everything that has passed its use by date. You can also use this as an opportunity to make a shopping list and restock the essentials.

Throw Away Old Magazines

Are you a serial mag-hoarder? There really is no reason to stash all of your old issues. You can still keep any useful articles, recipes or coupons, too. Just go through and cut out anything you want to keep and consolidate everything into one, handy folder or scrapbook.

Get Hooked

Struggling for extra household storage space? Adding hooks to the backs of doors, hallway walls or to the insides of cupboards is an ingenious space-saving tip that’s as old as time.

Store Your Winter Wardrobe

Out of season clothes like heavy woollens and Christmas jumpers will just take up unnecessary wardrobe space in Spring and Summer. Pack your winter woollies away and seal them in vacuum packed bags for easy storage. Taking out a household and personal self-storage unit can be handy for stowing away winter clothes along with other seasonal items like sledges, skis, heavy coats and winter boots.

Utilise Under Bed Space

If you have a traditional bed frame (not a divan or storage style bed) then you have empty space under your bed that’s going to waste. Invest in some plastic storage boxes (you can get these with handy wheels on for easy access) or sturdy baskets to slide under your bed. It’s the perfect place for shoes, toys or bulky clothes!

Declutter Your Desktop

Is clutter in your digital life dragging you down? Burdening your tablet, smartphone or computer with unnecessary photos and files can slow it down and make daily tasks like shopping and surfing the web become a drag. Invest in an external hard-drive to store your photos and files or transfer them to a cloud-based storage facility like iCloud or Dropbox. This will also help you to keep your files safe and secure. Don’t forget to always keep backups in a different format.

Switch To Paperless

In this day and age, paper statements and bills are no longer a necessary evil. If you’re still receiving hard copy statements from places like your bank or energy supplier then give them a ring and request to make the switch to paperless billing. It’s better for the environment and will help keep your hall table clutter-free.

Plan Weekly Meals

Food can become clutter just as easily as non-perishable items. Plan your weekly menus to reduce food wastage and streamline your shopping routine. If you already know what you’ll be eating for the week, you can free up brainpower for more important things – like eating or socialising – too!

Clear Out Your Record Collection

Do you really need to keep your CD or vinyl collection, now that all of your music is stored digitally? Sometimes it’s difficult to get rid of things even when they become obsolete. You can rent a household and personal self-storage unit for the items you really want to keep and the rest can be donated to charity or offered to an avid collector. Sites like Preloved and Freecycle are good places to advertise retro items and you might be able to help someone else grow their collection (even if you’ve had enough of yours!).

Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

It’s okay to keep some sentimental items. In fact, we definitely encourage you to keep a box of keepsakes and special momentos because some things can never be replaced. Don’t feel pressured when decluttering to throw away anything that’s really special to you. Just don’t get carried away!

Want to create space in your home or keep your valuables safe? Our personal and household self-storage units in Edinburgh are available in a range of sizes and benefit from 24HR monitored CCTV and security. Get in touch with us today for the best deal on our personal storage units.

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