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Self Storage the New Relate?

Self Storage the New Relate?

Posted 2011-06-03 11:17:00
Many ex-couples need self storage…

Many couples face the awkward prospect of living together because they can’t afford to move out.  It’s a situation that befalls many couples who live together and then break up.  First of all who moves out and secondly, where to?  Living on your friend’s sofa can only be done for so long until you outstay your welcome.  Many have to continue living with their ex as it is not financially possible for them to rent somewhere else.  A house for two is usually small, so instead of having to share the room as before, it could be a clever idea to use self storage to clear out the living room or the spare bedroom for one of you to use.

This means you can lead separate lives even if you live in the same house.  However, as it is possible to guess, there is more to living together than just sharing a bedroom.  Bathrooms and the kitchen will still have to be shared; romantic suppers together are no longer an option.  It is not all doom and gloom though.  Sharing your house together could potentially force an amicable break up as you learn to live without each other…with each other.

Then as soon as one party is able to move out, you can collect your things from self storage: hopefully by this point the divide up of furniture and belongings will be an amicable one, if not, self-storage is still there to keep it for you both!

Alternatively, moving-in can necessitate self storage…

For the happy couples moving-in together the opposite can be the case – fitting two people’s items into one house can make for a crammed and uncomfortable home.

There are two options available to the couple.  First, the couple could decide to donate their unwanted items to charity shops, in cities such as Edinburgh, charity shops abound.  Items in which you may have too many of such as televisions, radios, tables and chairs, cutlery and plates can easily be stored in self storage.  It would be wasteful to throw such things away but equally silly to have them cluttering your new dream home.

To find out how self-storage can help you move-in (or out) with your other half
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